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raw hemp buds packaging kannabio

Raw CBD Cannabis flowers

The raw CBD cannabis flowers are 100% organic and biological Greek products from Cannabis Sativa L strains.

They are certified, collected and processed by hand and containing rich conciseness of cannabidiol (CBD and CBDa) and small tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) making them totally legal for the Greek market.

The raw cannabis flowers with CBD are appropriate for cooking, a perfect match in a tea/brew, or for vaping. They have antioxidant properties and all the benefits and curing benefits of cannabidiol.

For a strong, organism with health and wellness. Feel the difference in your health today, discover nature’s secrets.

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  • ADD TO CARTRaw Organic Hemp Flowers Kannabio - 30g -23%

    Raw Organic Hemp Flowers Kannabio – 30g

  • ADD TO CARTOrganic Hemp Flowers Kannabio (Grated) - 30gr Cannabis Product Packaging -17%

    Organic Hemp Flowers Kannabio (Grated) – 30gr

  • ADD TO CARTCannachai: Green tea with cannabis from KANNABIO "Relaxing and antioxidant, calming, detoxifying and relieving after a hard day".

    Kannabio Cannachai Hemp with green Tea – 10pcs

  • ADD TO CARTCannabis CBD hemp flowers with cannabidiol, Green Crack from weedqueen, Greece. 10 grams package content.

    Weed Queen | Cannabis Flowers CBD Green Crack – 10gr.

  • ADD TO CARTThe best Greek Cannabis flowers in the lowest price. Exclusively at Hempoil® Shop the first CBD Oil Shop in Greece, since 2016.

    Weed Queen | Cannabis Flowers CBD Northern Lights – 10gr.

  • ADD TO CARTHeavy CBD Cannabis buds with high CBD concentration of 68% of Big Bud Gorilla strain from Weed Queen and Hempoil CBDoilshop.

    Weed Queen | Cannabis Flowers CBD Big Bud Gorilla – 5gr.

  • ADD TO CARTGreek CBD Cannabis flowers with CBD maximum content up to 68%, Indoor grown at low price. Powerful strain, great quality and taste.

    Weed Queen | Cannabis Flowers CBD Berry Kush Extra – 5gr.

  • SEE OPTIONSΕλληνικοί βιολογική ανθοί κάνναβης με CBD κανναβιδιόλη για άτμισμα και κάπνισμα ποικιλάς Space Candy σε 2, ,5, και 10 γραμμάρια.

    Canna-X Space Candy Greek Series 32% CBD – 2gr. & 5gr. & 10gr.

  • SEE OPTIONSGreek organic hemp flowers with CBD cannabidiol for vaping and smoking Project-X variety in 2, 5, and 10 grams.

    Canna-X Cannabis Flowers Project-X CBD – 2gr.

  • ADD TO CARTPotent cannabis flowers of the Remedy variety from Canna-X. The best cannabis flower in Greece at the best price!

    Canna-X Cannabis Flowers CBD Remedy – 2gr.

  • ADD TO CARTGreek CBD Cannabis flowers trim (fine grated) of the variety of Green Unicorn from Canna-X.

    Canna-X Cannabis Flower Trim Green Unicorn 32% CBD (Fine Grated) – 15gr.

  • ADD TO CARTCBD Shake, cannabis flower trim of Greek Cultivation flowers from Canna_X of the Hawaiian Haze Variety in the lowest price online!

    Canna-X Cannabis Flower Trim Hawaiian Haze 32% CBD (Shake) – 15gr.


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