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The first Cannabis (CBD) automated teller machine in Greece (cannabis ATM) Canna-X®

An exclusive collaboration between Hempoil® Natural Products and Canna-X®

Canna-X Brand Cannabis Automated Teller Machine in Greece. By the first cannabis and CBD Oil company, the Hempoil Shop.
Cannabis Automated Teller Machine ATM Canna-X in Greece. Wholesale and retail.
Make it yours today exclusively at Hempoilshop. Suitable for touristic enterprises, small retail etc.

CBD Automated Teller Machine (ATM) – The idea

The original idea for a cannabis vending machine came in the spring of 2018. Seeing the rapid growth rate in the category through the Hempoil® Natural Products network, we recognized the opportunity for a vending machine that will meet the needs of the consumer and serve points that do not have momentum for a shop or will be extended.

Unfortunately, the conditions in the Greek market were the first obstacle as the device was supported by NAYAX for transactions without a pin, whose limit at that time was at € 25 making the machine worthless in high value products, especially for the tourists. Unfortunately, due to a complex framework in cannabis 2 of the 4 systemic banks were negative in helping and we could not find a solution for this.

We have therefore adapted our strategy and ended up with this result. An automated teller machine with industrial cannabis Sative L. products, containing CBD, HHC, HHC-P, THC-P, top quality outdoor grow with a tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, psychotropic) content less than 0.2% defined by the law.

Initially, the uptake was not very high but the recognition of changing consumer needs led us to this decision and now the uptake is overwhelming.

The next step we are looking at is our next partnerships with small and medium retail, tourist and HORECA outlets, categories that have a wide audience and are looking for ways or products to increase their customer base, give a fresh image to their space, innovate products and keep their customers happy. Naturally our purpose at Hempoil® Natural Products is to serve partners and provide solutions and within this context the same products are also supported in the form of wholesale.

Benefits of the cannabis automated teller machine Canna-X®

Being able to win as many customers as possible, at any time of the day, the Canna-X Cannabis ATM from Hempoil® is a very smart solution in a fast-growing market such as that of Cannabis Flowers, Cannabis Vapes, Cannabis CBD Oils and Cannabis Accessories.

Cannabis Automated Teller Machine ATM Canna-X in Greece. Wholesale and retail.
Make it yours now exclusively at Hempoilshop.

Canna-X ATM Cannabis can handle a large number of customers compared to a simple vendor, especially for those who do not wish to wait or who want to buy cannabis products anonymously, and thanks to its multiple innovative technologies, it can provide easy solutions and hassle-free operation for you and of course your customers.

The Canna-X Cannabis ATM (cannabis flower and disposable e-cigarette vending machine) provides a fantastic shopping experience for your customers: Best sales, identifiable and certified products, a wide range of cannabis products, confidentiality, brand loyalty and of course 24/7 operation.

Canna-X® Cannabis ATM Connectivity and Management

The Canna-X Cannabis ATM has a web-based Management Software that allows you to get detailed reports and statistics on sales, loading and distribution. In addition, it allows you to track any item from loading to distribution. The Canna-X ATM 24H can be connected to your management software and become an integrated part of your store. You can count on 24-hour technical support nationwide through our network of trained partners.

Cannabis Automated Teller Machine ATM Canna-X in Greece. Wholesale and retail.
Make it yours now exclusively at Hempoilshop.

Canna-X® Cannabis ΑΤΜ Technical Characteristics

  • Dimensions 84 / 89 / 182cm (W-D-H)
  • No cooling setup with an enormous glass exterior facade where the customer can see the products
  • Up to 30 options and a capacity of up to 18 products per position
  • SI-detect guaranteed sale system (photocells at the bottom of the machine recognise whether a product has been dropped or not for a refund).
  • Stable steel outer casing and door protection with safety lock guarantee a high level of security.
  • Easy refilling of the machine
  • Cardholder & Credit/debit card capability via NAYAX / Apple Pay / Google Pay
  • LED Lightning (Optional)
  • 540 products capacity approx (Full capacity / +- 50 according to the product mix)
  • Average purchase / customer €30-40
  • Exclusive cooperation and distribution agreement for the sale of Hempoil® products

This year is definitely the best year in the cannabis category as the biggest trend in HHC products, HHC-P, THC-P, cannabis flowers, HHC disposable electronic cigarettes, HHC-P, H4, and THC-P thriving all over Europe. This marks the beginning of a new era in the cannabis category. Consequently it is the best time to invest in a cannabis automated teller machine by Canna-X®.

Automated Teller Machine Cannabis Canna-X in Greece, Thessaloniki. Wholesale and retail.
Make it yours today exclusively at Hempoilshop.
Cannabis Automated Teller Machine Canna-X in Cyprus. Wholesale and retail. Make it yours today exclusively at Hempoilshop. Ideal for touristic enterprises, small retail spots, kiosks and more.
Cannabis Automated Teller Machine ATM Canna-X in Greece. Wholesale and retail.
Make it yours now exclusively at Hempoilshop.

Canna-X® Automatic Vending Machine with Acquisition

The proposal refers to the full purchase (100%) of the Canna-X® machine

  • Exclusive cooperation and distribution contract for the sale of Hempoil® / Canna-X® products (3 years renewable)
  • Branding of the Automated Teller Machine Canna-X®
  • The products are for sale to 18+
  • The machine comes fully equipped (without inventory costs, see below)
  • The final Canan-X Cannabis ATM spot goes on our list of stores. Thus increasing the traffic of the point of sale.
  • Telematic for remote surveillance adn monitoring of the machine
  • Product market profit rate 50-65% approx. (Discount from retail MSRP)
  • Turnkey delivery
ATM Canna-X cannabis vending machine in Greece. Wholesale and retail. Make yours today exclusively at Hempoilshop. Suitable for tourist businesses small retail outlets and more.

Cost of Cannabis Vending Machine

  • Subscription €20 / monthly / machine (Software platform management Nayax™)
  • Transaction rate fees 2,95% (VISA / MASTERCARD etc.)
  • Remote Technical Support and technical partners in all major cities of Greece.
  • Lifetime spare parts guarantee
  • 1 year guarantee
  • CE Certification
  • Purchase Cost (With Cash-Receiver & Nayax) €4.000 +VAT
  • First product mix supply costs €3.750 + VAT approx.

Grow your business and boost your income today by investing in a Canna-X® cannabis vending machine.

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