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Bulk Seed Bank

Bulk Seed Bank has the most reliable, potent, and successful cannabis strains, offering a wide range of Sativa, Indica, and Autoflowering seeds.

All of their strains are bred from the highest-quality plants for optimum potency and aromas. They only choose breeds that are highly suited for medicinal use and the utmost customer satisfaction. They are solely focusing on the world’s most famous strains.

They carefully select their plants and develop only the best breeds for excellent yield of both THC and CBD potency levels, medicinal values, taste, aroma, and visual appearance.

As they claim, “We are confident that our cannabis seeds are of the highest quality available”. Hand-selected, organically grown, and only with natural ingredients, the bulk seeds banks cannabis seeds ensure maturity and viability. Bulk Seed Bank seeds are sold as collectible adult (18 ) souvenirs.

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  • ADD TO CARTBulk Seed Bank | Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds with CBD & THC on a 5 seed packaging.

    Bulk Seed Bank | Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds – AUTO AK – 5pcs

  • OUT OF STOCKPackaging of autoflowering cannabis seeds for therapeutic purposes of the strain AUTO CRITICAL.

    Bulk Seed Bank | Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds – AUTO CRITICAL – 5pcs.

  • OUT OF STOCKPackage of cannabis seeds 5 pieces with CBD, THC and CBN. Organic cultivation.

    Bulk Seed Bank | Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds – AUTO BUBBLEGUM EXTRA – 5pcs

  • OUT OF STOCKCannabis Seeds packaging of 5 pieces from Bulk Seed Bank. Feminized, autloflowering cannabis seeds.

    Bulk Seed Bank | Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds – AUTO AMNESIA HAZE – 5pcs


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