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How to use/take Cannabidiol CBD

Depending on the needs of the patient and the condition, there are different uses of Cannabidiol. Let’s look at them in detail:

CBD Oils: Used mainly long-term e.g. chronic diseases, because it has an onset time of at least 30 minutes and a long duration of action (varies, but usually 6-8 hours). They are mainly used sublingually, but can also be used locally, e.g. in skin conditions. Due to sublingual use, stomach metabolism is avoided, therefore maximizing the absorption of cannabidiol.

Edibles: They have slow onset of action (1-2 hours) and long duration of action (usually 6 + hours) and are preferred in cases where the use of oils is difficult. Generally due to the metabolism of the stomach and the presence of stomach acid, the absorption of cannabidiol from edible products is less than that of the sublingual use of oils.

CBD Capsules: Like the edibles, they have a slow onset of action and long duration of actions and are also preferred in cases where the use of oil is not easy / possible.

Creams/Ointments: Used locally for pain relief or skin disorders. Particular effects are seen in conditions such as eczema or arthritis.

Patches: They are used topically, mainly for the treatment of pain and inflammation.

Cannabis Flowers/buds: Usually brewed as a tea or used in vaporizers. The advantage of flower vaporization is its immediate effect (<90 seconds for initial effect, up to 20 minutes for peak effects), which makes cannabis flowers optimal for use in emergency situations (e.g. sudden pain, panic attacks).

Crystals/Waxes/Concentrates: Similar use to the flowers/buds. An advantage of crystals and waxes is that they have a very high concentration of cannabidiol, which is optimal in cases where immediate relief is needed (as mentioned above, pain, panic attacks).

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