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Weed Queen

Weed Queen, Greek Organic Hemp Products. Online you will find raw CBD (Cannabidiol) cannabis flowers of the Cannabis Sativa L variety, cannabis flower CBD shake, and fine-grated flower trim. The flowers are collected and dried by hand, preserving unaltered aromas and taste.

Cannabidiol CBD hemp flowers are offered in a value for money package of 5 and 10 grams that making the Weed Queen flower the lowest gram-value-price ratio brand in Greece and Europe with the guarantee of the first CBD hemp company in Greece, Hempoil® .

CBD flowers and crumbs (trim, shake) are very rich in cannabidiol CBD and can have a soothing and calming effect in many cases such as nausea, migraines, cholesterol, chronic pain, stomach disorders, digestion, memory, and more.

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  • ADD TO CARTPackaging of Greek organically grown hemp flowers, grated (trim) at the lowest price.

    Weed Queen | Grated CBD Cannabis Flowers – 10gr.

  • ADD TO CARTCannabis CBD hemp flowers with cannabidiol, Green Crack from weedqueen, Greece. 10 grams package content.

    Weed Queen | Cannabis Flowers CBD Green Crack – 10gr.

  • ADD TO CARTThe best Greek Cannabis flowers in the lowest price. Exclusively at Hempoil® Shop the first CBD Oil Shop in Greece, since 2016.

    Weed Queen | Cannabis Flowers CBD Northern Lights – 10gr.

  • ADD TO CARTHeavy CBD Cannabis buds with high CBD concentration of 68% of Big Bud Gorilla strain from Weed Queen and Hempoil CBDoilshop.

    Weed Queen | Cannabis Flowers CBD Big Bud Gorilla – 5gr.

  • ADD TO CARTGreek CBD Cannabis flowers with CBD maximum content up to 68%, Indoor grown at low price. Powerful strain, great quality and taste.

    Weed Queen | Cannabis Flowers CBD Berry Kush Extra – 5gr.


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