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Canna X

Canna-X is the latest creation among the No. 1 Cannabis company in Greece, Hempoil Shop with one of the best groups of cannabis flower growers in Italy. The Company was created to offer top-quality cannabis products to its European clientele at the most affordable prices.

Canna-X is cultivated under the Italian sun and only by the masters of cannabis growing. From seed selections, cultivation, and hand harvesting, the team closely monitors all stages. To ensure the quality, progress, temperature, color, and even the shape of the hemp buds ensuring top quality for our customers.

Find online the largest variety of CBD Flowers, Hemp Extracts, Moonrock Ice, Charas. Suitable for smoking or vaporizing via a vaporizer. Choose from the best hemp strains such as AK-47, Silver Haze, Valentine-X, Purple Gelato, Charas Nero Afgano, Moonrock Strawberry. All of our products are accompanied by certificates of quality and stable content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) less than 0.2%. Specially harmonized with the Greek / European Legislation. Take advantage of the benefits of cannabidiol CBD today against stress, anxiety, depression, inflammation, pain, sleep disorders, and more.

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  • ADD TO CARTΑνθοί Κάνναβης ΑK-47 με κανναβιδιόλη και Τερπένια στην καλύτερη τιμή στην Ελλάδα από την Canna-X

    Canna-X Cannabis Flowers ΑΚ-47 – 2gr.

  • ADD TO CARTCannabis flowers for vaping in a package of Canna-X with 19% CBD cannabidiol

    Canna-X Cannabis Flowers Super Silver Haze – 2gr.

  • ADD TO CARTCBD Charas Nero Afgano 'Black Afgan' with 45% CBD from canna-x

    CANNA-X Charas Nero Afgano CBD 45% – 1gr.

  • ADD TO CARTPackage of hemp flowers in a jar with crystalline CBD 99.6% Moon Rock Ice

    CANNA-X Moon Rock Ice CBD 60% – 1gr.

  • ADD TO CARTPhoto of the Canna-X cannabis product line! Hemp Flowers, Charas, Hash, Moonrock Ice. -20%

    CANNA-X COMBO – 6gr.

  • ADD TO CARTCanna-X Cannabis Flowers Purple Gelato with 24% CBD content in a 2 gram package for vaping and smoking.

    Canna-X Cannabis Flowers CBD Purple Gelato – 2gr.

  • ADD TO CARTCannabis Flowers Now N Later with Cannabidiol and Terpene at the best price in Greece by Canna-X

    Canna-X Cannabis Flowers Valentine-X – 2gr.

  • ADD TO CARTOrganic Cannabis Flowers, Charas Extract and Moonrock Ice from Canna-X at a low price. -32%

    CANNA-X Combo Premium Series – 10gr.

  • ADD TO CARTCanna-X Preroll Stick “Special Sauce” 30% CBD - 1gr with unbleached cigar brown eco paper and eco filter.

    Canna-X Preroll Stick “Special Sauce” 30% CBD – 1.5gr

  • ADD TO CARTCanna-X Preroll Stick “Suzy Q” 32% CBD with unbleached eco brown paper and Eco filter.

    Canna-X Preroll Stick “Suzy Q” 32% CBD – 1.5gr

  • ADD TO CARTCanna-X Preroll Stick “Bubble Gum” 30% CBD with eco brown unbleached rolling paper and eco filter tip.

    Canna-X Preroll Stick “Bubble Gum” 30% CBD – 1.5gr

  • ADD TO CARTCanna-X Preroll Stick “Black Mamba” 32% CBD - 1gr with eco brown unbleached paper and eco tip.

    Canna-X Preroll Stick “Black Mamba” 32% CBD – 1.5gr


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