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Ypsilon Naturals

Ypsilon Natural Remedies invites you to embrace a natural way of living, where nature and science harmonically coexist. Pure, sustainable raw materials of superior quality from the Greek Mother earth paired with progressive formulas that redefine living. Natural prevention, healing, physical and mental well-being, happiness. Trust in nature and let’s reclaim our health and planet.

After a long time of study, preparation, design, and organization, we are very happy to share with you, the new, world-innovative product line of Ypsilon CBD cannabidiol oils. Our new line includes 5 products of Ypsilon CBD Oils (Cannabidiol) in 4 concentrations combined with Organic Extract of Chios Mastic Oil, and a unique product of 5% CBD (500mg) Ypsilon Pet Care based on Salmon Oil for all pets.

This unique innovative CBD formula combines Organic Greek Cannabidiol hemp extract with Biological Extract from Chios Mastic Essential Oil, Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). In collaboration with the unique, worldwide famous “Chios Gum Mastic Growers Association”.

All 5 results

  • ADD TO CARTYpsilon 5% (500mg) Greek Organic CBD Oil with Essential Mastiha Oil from Chios Island.

    Ypsilon 5% (500mg) “MILD” CBD Oil with Chios Mastic Oil – 10ml

  • ADD TO CARTYpsilon 10% (1000mg) “MEDIUM” CBD Oil with Organic Mastiha Oil from the island of Chios, Greece. Anti-cancer product, friendly to the stomach.

    Ypsilon 10% (1000mg) “MEDIUM” CBD Oil with Chios Mastic Oil – 10ml

  • ADD TO CARTYpsilon 25% (2500mg) “STRONG” CBD Oil with Organic Chios Mastic Oil of Greek Production for the Treatment of prostatitis and many other diseases.

    Ypsilon 25% (2500mg) “STRONG” CBD Oil with Chios Mastic Oil – 10ml

  • ADD TO CARTYpsilon 40% (4000mg) “SUPER STRONG” CBD Oil with Organic Chios Mastic Oil of Greek Cultivation for help in the treatment of cancer, prostatitis, chemotherapy, disorders.

    Ypsilon 40% (4000mg) “SUPER STRONG” CBD Oil with Chios Mastic Oil – 10ml

  • ADD TO CARTYPSILON 5% (500mg) “PET CARE” CBD Oil with Salmon Oil for all Pets. Better health, shiny fur!

    YPSILON 5% (500mg) “PET CARE” CBD Oil with Salmon Oil for Pets – 10ml


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