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The Hempoil® Brand

Ηempoil® Natural Products is the first brand specialized in selling biological cannabis products in Greece, focusing on the non-psychoactive substance, Cannabidiol – CBD oil.

The import of such products in the Greek market began in 2016 and today there are a number of franchise branches of retail sale nationwide. At the same time, drug stores and bio products stores are supplied with cannabis oils and every kind of legal cannabis product.


Hempoil® collaborates with medical associations, scientific companies and also university faculties promoting knowledge and research related to the healing properties of cannabis, and has also granted an aray of awards and prizes for its innovative work.

The Brand created in 2016 by mister Christos Botsis is currently employing hundreds of young scientists and owns a growing network of partners nationwide and abroad, being an international example active in the entire diversified economy of the plant; cultivation alteration, retail sale, and at the same time it is an active component in scientific research, information and merchant innovations.

In Hempοil®, outgoing policy is a synonym of development and our commercial opening in the foreign market are continuous and steady.


Representing in Greece, the Italian-Duch brand Enecta™ one of the most famous brands of cannabis production, Hempoil® at the same time cultivates hemp-biomechanical cannabis in Greece contributing to the development the protogenic sector of the Greek economy.


Hempoil® Natural Products produces and sales analyzed and certified products (HACCP, cannabinoid inclusiveness analysis etc) maintaining high quality in cannabis and cannabinoid market.

Our vision

Our vision is a dynamic contribution in ameliorating the quality of people’s lives by offering high quality products of biologically cultivated cannabis meeting the most demanding international standards.

Be a part of the No1 Cannabis Brand today.

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