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Weed Queen | Cannabis Flowers CBD Big Bud Gorilla – 5gr.


100% Natural
Safe CBD

Big Bud Gorilla! The most Value for Money selection, yet high-quality Greek cannabis flowers at the lowest price comes from the Queen of Cannabis! The Big Bud Gorilla strain is Greek indoor-grown cannabis containing up to a maximum of 68% CBD Cannabidiol concentration. Comes in 5 grams packaging for nonstop pleasure. The next time you have a tough day and want to relax your mind and body, the strain Big Bud Gorilla by Weed Queen will give you exactly what you are looking for!

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Weed Queen Cannabis Flowers CBD Big Bud Gorilla – 5 grams

The most Value for Money cannabis flower selection comes directly from the Queen of Cannabis! Weed Queen Green Crack is a Greek indoor organic grown strain,  free from pesticides or fertilizers. The mature buds of Big Bud Gorilla stand out for the light brown shades while they are loaded with resin. Big Bud Gorilla has earthy flavors, a diesel aroma mixed with spices, and a soft mango aftertaste that will uplift your experience.

A strain for the true stoners, the Gorilla builds slowly and evokes a sense of euphoria that lasts for hours! Prepare yourself for a very powerful and intense experience, that will give you physical and mental calmness and harmony. The most important part of your experience will be the intense feeling you will have to relax on the couch, so we suggest keeping food and water within hand distance! The next time you have a tough day and you want to let yourself go, the Weed Queen Big Bud Gorilla is the strain to do so.

Big Bud Gorilla is one of the most popular choices relating to several medical conditions as its power overcomes all types of problems easing insomnia putting the strain at the top of the list. Your euphoric state will not allow negative thoughts related to stress or depression, leaving plenty of room for extra relaxation. Highly recommended, in a value for money packaging of 5 grams. This is an impeccable quality-price ratio selection that Greece has to offer. Recommended using a vaporizer for maximum effects that will travel your mind and body for hours!

Cannabis flowers are rich in cannabidiol with a maximum percentage of 68% CBD. They have relieving and soothing effects aiding many cases such as depression, nausea, migraines, stress, chronic pain, stomach disorders, digestion, insomnia, memory, and more.

Weed Queen Big Bud Gorilla 5 grams features:

  • Max <68% CBD content (Cannabidiol)
  • Seedless hemp flowers
  • Terpenes
  • Product of Greek organic cultivation
  • Legal THC content of (0.2%) tetrahydrocannabinol
  • 5 grams package
  • Certified European Union product
  • 100% Bio Product
  • Keep out of the children’s reach.
  • Store in a cool and dark place.
  • Suitable for people of 18+

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