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Canna-X Project-X Greek Series 32% CBD – 2gr. & 5gr. & 10gr.


100% Natural
Safe CBD

Project-X! The Greek company Canna-X presents its new hybrid strain Project-X from the new Greek Series with 32% CBD concentration. The “Project-Xstrain remains a mystery, a well-hidden secret that not even our growers are aware of. The cannabis flowers CBD (Cannabidiol) grow under the Greek sun on a hillside in our facilities in the Viotia region! Even the absolute beginners will instantly realize the exceptional quality and purity of our cannabis flowers from the very first glance! Greek Top Quality at the Lowest Price in Europe. (Exclusively at Hempoil®)

  • Greek cultivation
  • Top-quality
  • 2, 5, and 10 gr
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Canna-X Ανθοί Κάνναβης Project-X Greek Series 32% CBD – 2γρ. & 5γρ. & 10γρ.

Project-X with 32% CBD from Canna-X in a package of 2, 5, and 10 grams for unfinished pleasure. 3 New strains (Varieties) by 2021 harvest cultivated with love and passion in outdoor cultivation in our facilities in the Viotia Region. The entire team of Hempoil® and Canna-X ™ are very proud to present to you, perhaps our most progressive, Greek, tasty, and intense CBD strains (Cannabidiol) cannabis flowers, up until today.

Here we see the cannabis flower strain Project-X, from the new product line  Greek Series (Greek Cannabis Flowers) with 32% CBD (Cannabidiol) concentration. The “Project-X” strain remains a mystery, a well-hidden secret that even its growers do not know. As you can figure out, this is the reason why it is called the Canna-X Project-X.

We know for sure that this cannabis strain is so rich in aromas and resins that it will make you wonder about its true origin! Our team closely monitored the finest flower in Greece throughout the process to ensure and guarantee its purity, without any chemicals, pesticides, or cannabis flower additives.

Under the Greek sun, the plants grow in pure, organic soils at the ideal altitude in the Region of Viotia. The Canna-X team supervises the whole process in all cultivation stages, from planting the seeds to growing and harvesting the flowers by hand. To the natural drying and trimming with our new trimmers from Master Trimmers!

An extraordinary cannabis strain with a very rich profile of aromas that is pretty distinctive from the opening of the package. Unique aroma, pure, mysterious, and extremely addictive! Enjoy this real gem during all hours of the day and let its aromas relax you and lift your mood, filling you with positive thoughts!

It has intense beneficial, analgesic, and soothing effects, while the 32% cannabidiol CBD concentration will bring you wellness and relaxation with a feeling of euphoria in mind and body. A truly peaceful sensation equal to the most mysterious flower to date! Enjoy responsibly!

Project-X Variety features:

  • The most mysterious and tasty strain
  • Greek Top Quality
  • 32% CBD (Cannabidiol) & CBDA rich in Terpenes
  • Fresh Flowers of this year’s harvest 2021
  • Hybrid Strain “Project-X”
  • 100% Organic Grow Farming
  • Hand collected, trimmed & packed
  • Trimmed in a trimmer
  • Without any extra aromas or Boosters (e.g. sprayed)
  • Flower Profile: Elevating / Very Intense / Relaxing / Antidepressant / Antistress
  • Exclusive Collaboration between Canna-X and Hempoil®
  • Contents in 2g, 5g, and 10g in premium quality airtight packaging guarantee that the flowers will be fresh, even after a long time without opening
  • Pure Beneficial Properties
  • THC: <0.2%
  • Max CBD: 32%

Store in a cool and dry place, out of children’s reach. 

The sale is allowed only to people 18+. 

A vaporizer is highly recommended as will skyrocket these amazing strain effects and taste!

See the whole Canna-X product line here.

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