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Canna-X Cannabis Flowers Valentine X Premium Series 30% CBD – 2gr.


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Canna-X Cannabis Flowers Valentine X Premium Series 30% CBD – 2gr. Are you looking for your perfect match on a cannabis flower with CBD? You just found your Valentine! Limited stock is available! Italian Canna-X presents its new Valentine X hybrid from the new Premium Series with 30% CBD / CBDA content that will enchant CBD flower lovers. Extra Premium Quality at the Lowest price in Greece – (Exclusively at Hempoil®)

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Canna-X Cannabis Flowers Valentine X Premium Series 30% CBD – 2gr. Premium Italian quality from organic farming, without the use of pesticides or insecticides. It is cultivated at high altitudes by one of the best – if not the best – and oldest group of growers in Italy. Named in honor of Valentine, the patron saint of epilepsy, Canna-X Valentine X is one of the most famous varieties for its excellent analgesic and healing powers! Even the package is designed in a way that reflects the intense orange pistils of the plant, among the resin-rich trichomes. Of course, its intense, almost fluorescent orange color is entirely in line with the recreational properties of the Valentine X variety that lift the mood and promote extroversion.

Among the orange pistils and under the veil of its crystal trichomes, the sweet aromas of lemon and pine terpenes can make disappear the negative thoughts of the day. An exotic experience that will make you doubt its low content of 0.2% THC. Many people think that the hybrid cannabis variety of Valentine X can be beneficial for anxiety, stress, spastic disorders, headaches, inflammation. While at the same time contributes to the increase in positive thinking. In addition to its therapeutic benefits, this unique cannabis flower strain with 30% CBD cannabidiol content promotes creative thinking and the burst of positive emotions

The Organic Canna-X Cannabis Flowers Valentine-X are grown under the Italian sun and only by experts of the kind. From seed selection to cultivation and then manual harvesting, the team closely monitors all stages to ensure the quality, progress, temperature, color, and even the shape of the hemp flowers. Guaranteeing top quality for our customers. The Cannabis flowers are certified for their quality and the stable content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) less than 0.2%, specially harmonized with the Greek / European Legislation in each harvest.

Strain Characteristics:

  • Italian Top Quality 
  • 30% CBD (Cannabidiol) & CBDA, Terpenes 
  • Fresh Flowers of this year’s crop 
  • Hybrid Valentine X Variety
  •  100% Organic Farming 
  • Hand collected/ trimmed/ packed 
  • Thoroughly trimmed without seeds 
  • Without any extra aromas or Boosters (e.g. sprayed)
  •  Flower Profile: Calm / Super Creative / Anti-stress / Antidepressant / Extrovert /Minimal mouth dryness 
  • Exclusive Cooperation and cultivation by Hempoil® 
  • 2 grams content in premium quality airtight packaging guarantees that the flowers will be fresh, even after a long time without opening
  •  Pure beneficial CBD Properties 

Store in a cool and dry place, out of children’s reach. 

The sale is allowed only to people 18+. 

A vaporizer is highly recommended as will skyrocket these amazing strain effects and taste!

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