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Terre Di Cannabis Diva – 2gr.


100% Natural
Safe CBD

The flavor of Diva is very strong that lasts, while it leaves a taste of fresh citrus fruit, increasing the delight of this marvelous flower. These high quality buds have plenty of beneficial properties containing 22% cannabidiol or CBD!

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Terre Di Cannabis Diva – 2gr. Premium Terre di Cannabis hemp flowers harvest 2021.


This strain is a variant of the famous variety Amnesia, which is sativa dominant, while it is known worldwide for the strong flavor and the invigorating effect. It is a strain that appeared for the first time in the U.S.A., but it is a result of crossbreeding among Afghan, Hawaian and Jamaican strains.


The Diva- Amnesia variety is the effort after many years of research and trials. It is cultivated in Abruzzo land, and specifically on the hills of Tocco di Casauria, on the foothills of the Montagna del Morrone, in 356 m altitude. The cultivation follows organic standards, and it is certified.

The climate is suitable for the growth of this specific strain, because it has warm summers with wind and cold winters but not freezing. All these are factors that benefit the cultivation of the strain, with generous harvest.

All the buds by Terre di Cannabis are coming from cultivations without pesticides and herbicides, but with organic natural compost. The company Terre di Cannabis excels for the complete line production, that includes all the processes from the dissemination to the packaging with respect to the environment, the staff, and the consumers, providing high quality buds.

Taste and appearance

The buds of this CBD strain are of medium size, compact and particularly resinous, thanks to the countless trichomes.

It has dark green colour and yellow-golden hairs.

The flavor is very strong that lasts, while it leaves a taste of fresh citrus fruit, increasing the delight of this marvelous flower.


All Terre di Cannabis strains are cultivated in an organic way with natural fertilizers for high quality buds. That’s why the flowers are suitable for vaporizer portable or tabletop.

For better results, the vaporizer should be set between 160° and 180°, because in this temperature we can have the beneficial properties of cannabidiol (CBD). If the regulator is set to 176°, then the terpene terpinolene leaves in the atmosphere unique flavors.


These high quality buds have plenty of beneficial properties containing 22% cannabidiol or CBD.

As it has a high percentage in cbd, affects immediately the endocannabinoid system, offering well-ness and relaxation.

This variety stimulates the serotonine, the melatonine, the appetite, while it is relieving the muscle tension. It is ideal for chronic pain, rheumatism, migraine and the painful menstrual period.

On the other side, the terpene terpinolene is known for the antibacterial and antifungal properties.

The Diva – Amnesia strain is legal cannabis, without psychoactive effect.

100% legal

All Terre di Cannabis flowers do not have any psychoactive effect and are grown according to the instructions of the italian law n.242/16.

The tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) percentage is lower than 0,2%, as provided by the law.


This is a product 100% legal in all Europe.

Sale to minors under 18 years old is prohibited.

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