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Wax crumble product shot

CBD Wax Crumble

CBD waxes (Crumble CBD) is a kind of concentrated thick cannabis of high conciseness in CBD cannabidiol with terpenes. Though not being very popular in Greece CBD Wax is highly drastic cannabinoids due to its large conciseness in CBD. It helps to receive larger amounts of CBD by consuming less amount of a product while using.

There are various Wax CBD selections for you to choose from like CBD Shatter, CBD live resin, CBD Crumble and CBD Budder. A top quality product for those that know what they look for in cannabis products. 100% organic and qualified from the top brands and totally legal with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) conciseness less than 0.2% according to the law. Enjoy responsibly. Tip: add it to cannabis flowers for vaping!

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