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25 February, 2019

Larisa: Canna Pain, Cannabis Cancer Training Workshop


One of the biggest obstacles to the use of cannabis as a medicine, the lack of awareness among health care physicians and scientists about the specifics of the plant, is covered by the specialized seminar series hosted by Hemp Oil. Thus, the first specialized seminar on the treatment of pain through cannabis use took place in the Greek province on 21 February 2019.

The principle for the outside of the Athenian Walls briefing the doctors was made by Larissa with the Canna Pain Workshop, which was attended by distinguished scientists. While the road has already opened from Cannabetta the scientific meetings organized by Hemp Oil and Enecta, the Italian-Dutch company which producing cannabis, that Hemp Oil represents in Greece. The first Cannabeta was held in June 2018 in Athens, and a few days ago the Hellenic Anesthesiological Society and the Hellenic Society for Algorgy held the workshop “The Role of Anesthesiologists in Cannabinoid Therapy”.

In the first Canna Pain in Larissa, the legal and social context in which cannabis is being used has been analyzed, while there have been suggestions on the dosage and safe use of the plant, its location in the pharmacy, its use for the treatment of chronic problems musculoskeletal pain and its application in patients with chronic rheumatic pain and rheumatic diseases.

For the legal and social context in which the cannabis pharmacopoeia is being conducted, Apostolos Kaparoudakis (author of the Guide to the Use of Pharmaceutical Cannabis) spoke about the differences between cannabis and pharmaceutical cannabis and its position in the pharmacy, the anesthetist Chrysoula Karanastassi, and about the dosing and its interactions with other medicines, the pharmacist Ilias Grammatikakis.

Physiotherapist Efthimios Kouloulas referred to the use of cannabidiol in chronic musculoskeletal pain and the associate professor of pathology and autoimmune diseases Dimitrios Bogdanos in the use of cannabis in patients with chronic pain and rheumatic diseases in clinical practice.

The use of cannabis as a medicine is legal in our country and we are awaiting the arrangements that will prescribe the prescription of formulations containing its psychotropic component, tetrahydrocannabinol-THC. At the same time, legally formulated cannabidiol-CBD oils, the non-psychotropic ingredient of the plant, are available from dozens of stores and pharmacies across the country and are utilized to relieve patients.

Post by: Hempoil®
Hempoil® is the first cannabis company in Greece, since 2016.

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