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FastBuds Gorilla Zkittlez Auto


100% Natural
Safe CBD

Whopping 29.845% total cannabinoids. Up to 27.666% THC content that’ll help you start off on the right foot, the perfect all-day strain.
Powerfully productive. Yields of up to 650gr/m², one of the highest-yielding autos!
Fiercely fast. Expect extremely resinous top-shelf flowers in 63 days!
The best of both worlds. When old and new-school genetics collide.
Award-winning genetics. One of our absolute champions that won multiple competitions since its very first year.

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FastBuds Gorilla Zkittlez Auto – 420 Fast Buds

We’re proud to announce that, thanks to our ongoing efforts and continuous breeding process, Gorilla Zkittlez Auto recently tested at a jaw-dropping 29.845% total cannabinoids and is now the current champion of Dabadoo Brasil 2022. This strain won 1st place in a competition where nothing other than the most powerful terpene profiles could win, which is attested by the latest lab results – it’s one of the most potent and tastiest autoflowers out there. So, make way for the most flavorful, highest-yielding money maker that delivers nothing less than perfection when it comes to flavors, yields, and quality of resin. Those looking for a potent and long-lasting experience will have an excellent time with our Gorilla Zkittlez Auto. This hybrid combines old-school flavors with a modern fruity twist, resulting in a unique terpene profile that produces a range of effects. It begins with a strong and uplifting head high that boosts creativity before transitioning into a long-lasting body stone. With up to 27.666% THC, this Indica-dominant hybrid produces highly resinous buds, yielding up to 650 gr/m2 in just 65 days. It is a top choice for extractors and hash makers seeking the most potent trichome producers in the autoflowering version.

Bud description: Absolutely stunning buds! Gorilla Zkittlez Auto buds produce beautiful dark green purplish hues with long and thin orange hairs and so much resin that they end up almost completely white and glistening by harvest time. The tennis-ball-sized buds give off a strong earthy smell with lemon and orange peel hues that resemble sweet n’ sour weed gummies and only get more and more captivating as you break them open.

Smoke report: This variety offers a powerful effect that sneaks into your brain and slowly builds up, leaving you soaring through the sky before you know it. Gorilla Zkittlez Auto effects start as a nice relaxation with a strong sense of pure happiness that boosts creativity and will have you laughing at anything. The strong head high gradually fades away and gives place to a long-lasting relaxing effect that works great for treating symptoms of insomnia and muscle pain, for example, while still leaving you motivated to go through a busy day untroubled. Truly an all-around crowd-pleaser. 

Plant appearance: Gorilla Zkittlez Auto reaches up to 150 cm and develops a beautiful structure with an evident Indica dominance that’s easy to see in the robust branching, wide fan leaves, and overall stocky structure. Thanks to the top genetics, this strain develops lots of flowering sites perfectly placed throughout the branches that finish with very little sugar leaves with a gorgeous green almost dark purple color. Yielding up to 650 gr/m² in just under 65 days, it’s the ideal strain for growers seeking the fastest and highest-yielding autoflowers in the market.

Flavor: Gorilla Zkittlez Auto is a strain that boasts a tantalizing blend of both timeless and contemporary terpenes. From the first whiff of this strain, its amalgamation of flavors can be noticed right off the bat – emanating a  spiced and woody aroma that develops with each toke into a potent candy-like sweetness. As you take a drag, your palate is taken on a sensory experience, the initial draw revealing an array of nostalgic notes, paired with a refreshing fruitiness ranging from sweet orange to tangy lemon.

FastBuds Gorilla Zkittlez Auto Characteristics

Taste: Fruits, Spicy, Woody
THC: Up to 27.6%
CBD: < 1%
Harvest EU Indoor: 550 – 650 gr / m²
Harvest US Indoor: 1.8 – 2.1 oz / ft2
Harvest EU Outdoor: 50 – 350 gr / plant
Harvest US Outdoor: 2 – 12 oz / plant
Size: XXL
Height: 100 – 150 cm
Height US: 39 – 60 inches
Flowering: 9 weeks
Room: Indoor / Outdoor
Gender: Feminized
Genes: Sativa 30% /  Indica 70%
Genetics: Gorilla Zkittlez
Autoflowering: Yes

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