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Canna-X Cannabis Flowers Purple Gelato Premium Series – 2gr.


100% Natural
Safe CBD

Forget what you knew about Cannabis Flowers, the most anticipated Canna-X Purple Gelato variety has arrived! One of the most enticing varieties of hemp blossoms in the world. And for many, it is considered one of the best varieties of all time. Available strictly for a limited stock! Italian Canna-X presents its new Purple Gelato hybrid from the new Premium Series with 30% CBD / CBDA content that is destined to become the new trend of the European Cannabis market. Italian Top Quality at the Lowest Price in Europe. (Exclusively at Hempoil®)

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Canna-X Cannabis Flowers Purple Gelato Premium Series – 2gr. Premium Italian quality from organic farming, without the use of pesticides or insecticides. It is cultivated at high altitudes by one of the best – if not the best – and oldest group of growers in Italy. Purple Gelato, also known as (Larry Bird), is one of the most enticing varieties of cannabis blossoms globally. And for many, it is considered one of the best varieties of all time.

This is a unique cannabis strain, full of colors with a rich profile of aromas and flavors that will not leave anyone indifferent. When you open the package, hundreds of fresh scents will flood the environment, taking you on a glade of a forest surrounded by fresh, rare flowers, flooding all your senses. Purple Gelato is characterized by the intense shades of purple on its fins. With small fiery orange spikes on the pistils, embraced by a bright white coat of crystal resin, which is sure to enchant you!

The taste is a mixture of sweet, sour forest fruits with a discreet soft aftertaste of eucalyptus with earthy and floral notes. Famous for its beneficial, analgesic, and soothing properties. While the cannabidiol CBD content of 30% will give you well-being and relaxation with a sense of taxation in mind and body. Its serene feel makes this cannabis flower suitable for any time of the day. A coveted and limited variety of hemp flowers will accompany us on cold winter days and nights.

Canna-X Purple Gelato Cannabis Flowers are grown under the Italian sun and only by the experts. From seed selection, cultivation, and then hand harvesting, the team closely monitors all stages to ensure the quality, progress, temperature, color, and even shape of the hemp flowers. Guaranteeing top quality for our customers. Hemp flowers are certified for their quality and stable content of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) less than 0.2%. Specially harmonized with the Greek / European Legislation in each of their harvests.

Strain Characteristics:

  • Italian Top Quality
  • 30% CBD (Cannabidiol) & CBDA, Terpenes
  • Fresh Flowers of this year’s crop
  • Hybrid Purple Gelato
  • 100% Organic Farming
  • Hand collected/ trimmed/ packed
  • Thoroughly trimmed without seeds
  • Without any extra aromas or Boosters (e.g. sprayed)
  • Flower Profile: Strong / Extrovert / Anti-stress / Antidepressant / Calm
  • Exclusive Cooperation and cultivation by Hempoil® 
  • 2 grams content in premium quality airtight packaging guarantees that the flowers will be fresh, even after a long time without opening
  • Pure beneficial CBD Properties

Store in a cool and dry place, out of children’s reach. 

The sale is allowed only to people 18+. 

A vaporizer is highly recommended as will skyrocket these amazing strain effects and taste!

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