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19 July, 2022

420, April 20 – “World Cannabis Day”


April 20 “420”, cannabis awareness month

In the U.S.A., April is a month dedicated to cannabis awareness. The famous 420 day (April 20) is when all over the U.S.A. celebrate cannabis, while year by year, the celebration is spreading worldwide together with the law changes. Whether it is an official day or not, it is still a great chance to discuss all the issues regarding cannabis, such as the effects, the several uses, the different ways to have a treatment with cannabis, the benefits of using or even working in the cannabis sector, the legalization, the production, and the possession of cannabis.

Why is April a cannabis month awareness? What does it mean?

In 2016, the cannabis company MaryJ Pharmaceuticals, Inc. founded the National Cannabis Awareness Month to raise awareness regarding cannabis, the benefits, the current legislation, the uses, and the beneficial properties of this versatile plant. Therefore, this is not the only reason for the 420 celebrations. It seems that 420 was not such an accidental pick of the day. Below, we will see why April is linked with cannabis.

The origin of 420

So. where “420” is coming from? What does it mean? The story goes back to 1971, in California, when a group of friends from the high school San Rafael met every day at 4.20 p.m. at the Louis Pasteur statue to search for a hidden patch of weed. The group was famous as the Waldos. Their habit spread beyond the California streets, though friends of the band Grateful Dead as cannabis consuming time. Although it doesn’t matter what happened with the patch, the term “420 Louie” turned into 420 and became famous worldwide. April 20, the “420 day,” is a cannabis day for the USA and other countries in the world. Ιt is another chance for more cannabis information and an excellent opportunity for cannabis consumption or discussion about uses, laws, and benefits.

The group of friends that invented the 420
The Waldos

The High Times article about 420

The story became famous in 1991 when the cannabis magazine High Times published a mysterious flyer claiming that 420 began in San Rafael by a group of friends. The rest is history. In Canada, the first pot protest 420 took place on April 20, 1995, in Vancouver. April 20 is a good reason to honor cannabis in various parts of the world with festivals, events, and protests.

By now, the term 420 is one more hint for cannabis, and it has become another symbol of cannabis culture. It is almost everywhere, on stickers, posters, social media, and even as a reference in films. We remember the movies Pulp Fiction, by Quentin Tarantino, and Lost in Translation, by Sofia Coppola, where the clocks are set at 4.20 time.

This term 420 is so related to the cannabis plant that we can find it also in official papers like the California Senate Bill 420, known as the Medical Marijuana Program Act, signed by Governor Gray Davis in 2003.

April is a month full of cannabis events, festivals, and pot protests in the USA. Not only on April 20! Many other cannabis celebrations take place on different days in April. We should highlight the Hash Bash, a famous event held in Ann Arbor (Michigan) every first Saturday of April. On April 1rst, 1972, the first Hash Bash started in response to the Michigan Supreme Court decision (March 9, 1972) that declared unconstitutional the law that convicted Sinclair. Earlier, in 1969, John Sinclair, a cultural activist, was arrested for the possession of two joints, and he was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Recently, in Michigan, the law approved the medical and recreational cannabis use.

420 – Cannabis culture symbol

420 became a symbol in the cannabis culture not only for one day but all days of the year, while April 20 is a cannabis awareness day and a day of vacation and celebration for the cannabis supporters. Also, it is an excellent chance to meet friends and cannabis advocates and go to cannabis events and cannabis-friendly places to celebrate this beautifully versatile plant.

420 day is a good reason to meet friends or go to cannabis-friendly places and enjoy the cannabis products, the edibles, drinks, CBD cannabidiol oil with beneficial properties, cannabis products for skin wellness, CBD cannabis flowers, and extracts. It is also a great chance to spread the knowledge and create a habit of awareness concerning the cannabis plant, its properties, its uses, and the legislation related to the plant not only on April 20 but also all the other days of the year.

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Post by: Hempoil®
Hempoil® is the first cannabis company in Greece, since 2016.

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