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Trompetol Hemp Salve Regenerate – 100ml


100% Natural
Safe CBD

Trompetol Hemp Salve Regenerate

A very effective cream with a high content of natural hemp extracts. The ointment can be used to soothe the skin with various skin problems and to restore and renew the rough, dry and damaged skin. A wonderful blend of virgin olive oil, CBD & natural mint oil that soothes your skin and helps restore vitality

• Content: 100ml
• Cannabinoids complex+

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Trompetol CBD Ointment Regenerate Salve

A unique recipe with cannabinoid complex. Suitable for irritated, dry skin, atopic eczema, psoriasis, cold sores, joint pain and muscle injuries, burns, bedsores.


Available in: 100ml

• No animal testing or animal-based ingredients whatsoever.

• Completely free of icky artificial dyes, annoying perfumes, and other peg-chemicals

•  Hemp is organically and sustainably grown in the Czech Republic under strict E.U. standards

A unique blend of natural ingredients

The main reason why Trompetol Ointment helps to treat a wide range of skin conditions lies in its unique way of manufacturing, the formula used for the extraction and production, and also the used substances.

 Applications Trompetol CBD ointment

The active hemp substances treat the skin in case of skin conditions such as herpes, acne, seborrhea, eczema, mycosis, psoriasis, lupus, infected or sore corners of the mouth, dry, irritated or damaged skin, and other skin damages and conditions, such as varicose ulcers, cuts, scrapes, burns, insect bites, skin irritations, etc. 

 Rich in cannabinoids

Cannabinoids contained in cannabis provide help in case of pain caused by injuries or inflammation, painful joints, muscles, tissues, or when curing wounds and injuries, and also when treating the side effects of such cure (such as bed sores, scars, etc)

Hemp with mint, lemon, and lavender

Trompetol ointment contains a blend of virgin olive oil, natural organic hemp oil, and organic cannabis plant extract, all ingredients of organic quality processed in a unique way. It also contains a very small amount of natural essential oils of mint, lemon and lavender. The carrier is medicinal grade Vaseline.

 A unique blend of natural ingredients

The main reason why Trompetol Ointment helps to treat a wide range of skin conditions lies in its unique way of manufacturing, the formula used for the extraction and production, and also the used substances.

 Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects of hemp

The used raw materials guarantee that trompetol ointment significantly helps to regenerate your skin, softens the skin, as well as treats and soothes it, while the active substances rapidly penetrate the skin to cause relief and regeneration.

The Active ingredients of the Trompetol Hemp Salve Regenerate:

The most active components of the cannabidiol hemp salve are:

Olive oil, from organic farms:

Rich in oleic and very nourishing for the skin, this oil prevents dehydration. Olive oil also contains powerful antioxidants like (hydroxytyrosol)

Marijuana seed oil, from organic farms:

This oil has an ideal composition of essential fatty acids, particularly with a large proportion of Omega 3 with powerful anti-inflammatory properties

Natural extract of Cannabis Sativa (no THC), from organic farms: a unique complex of cannabinoids, with high levels of Cannabidiol (CBD)

Lemon Essential Oil: astringent, antibacterial, refreshing skin tonic, with a mild, fresh scent.

Peppermint essential oil: has a calming and refreshing effect on tired or inflamed skin. Antipruritic (relieves itching), bactericidal and fungicidal

Lavender essential oil: Very effective for soothing burns and skin diseases, with a potent analgesic and healing power.

Now you can look after your skin naturally, thanks to the marijuana plant!

Recommended Usage

Use: 1 – 2 x (if necessary several times) a day. Apply to the required area of the skin. Rub in lightly and leave as long as possible to absorb. The use of full-spectrum hemp complex isn’t limited by time or restricted to special body parts.

Due to the vegetable origin of the active substances, it is possible that in very exceptional cases, there may occur an allergic reaction, especially by hypersensitive individuals. In this case, stop using the ointment and contact your allergist and the manufacturers.

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